The woodland range comes in iconic and quirky prints inspired by the British countryside.  The beds are made with 100% cotton fabric.  The range features three designs:

Boxing Hares - truly unique boxing hares design with a rich russet background and eye catching blue hares.

Owl - this rustic print features owl pairs with a subtle willow colour abckground and a contrasting navy design.

Stag - An iconic woodland creature printed on midnight blue background, reflecting the colours of the forest night.


The woodland range is available in the following styles of bed:

Deluxe Slumber Beds

45cm / 18", 61cm / 24", 89cm / 35", 101cm / 40"


Deep Duvets

Medium - 71cm x 98cm  Large 87cm x 138cm

Spare covers are available for all duvets.


Luxury Quilted Mattress

45cm / 18", 53cm / 21", 61cm / 24", 68cm / 27", 76cm / 30", 84cm / 33", 89cm / 35", 101cm / 40"


Woodland Owl Deluxe Slumber Bed

PriceFrom £19.95