Three ten minute Tractor Ted films including Munchy Crunchy, Mooovie Time and Timberrr. New animation, new stories and new theme tune. Meet everyones favourite little green tractor and his friends Les, Farmer Tom and Midge the dog for plenty of real life fun farm adventures.


These three 10 minute films are all told in Tractor Ted’s fun, friendly and informative signature style, captivating young children while parents can be assured of the ‘Ted-ucation’ factor as, whilst children are entertained, they are also learning lots about the workings of a real life farm.

Episode 1: Munchy Crunchy
Join Farmer Tom and Midge to find out where carrots come from. See where they grow and how they’re harvested… you can even see the very big machine that
chops off the leaves as the carrots come out of the ground!

Episode 2: Moovie Time
Find out what cows are fed and how their meals are prepared as Farmer Tom and tractor driver, Les, bring in the cows and make their food using a feed wagon.
Watch out Farmer Tom as Les becomes a bit forgetful!

Episode 3: Timberrrr!
Watch forestry machines hard at work as Farmer Tom and Les cut trees into big logs ready for the saw mill to make fence posts. Count the big wheels of the harvest machine and see how the crane lifts the logs.

Tractor Ted DVD Munchy Crunchy and Other Stories