Supalyx And Tastylx Treats

A complete all round molasses based vitamin and mineral feed block that supplements dietary requirements that may be missing from everyday feed and forage.

Perfect for use in the stable and field.

Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for good skeletal growth, strong hoof structure, energy metabolism and a healthy immune system.

Contains diamond V XPLS Yeast Culture which is an natural yeast shown to have a positive effect on nutrient digestibility.  This will help to maintain a healthy digestive system and in turn lead to enhanced performance.

Provides protein from soya which is a rich source of the essential ammino acid ltsine.

Contains molasses which turns the feed block into a convenient, labour saving and weather proof lick which is paletable and allows for a more natural ‘little and often’ approach to feeding.


Available in 4 main varieties.

Original: for peak condition to be fed all year round.

Easy Breather: contains eucalyptus, plant extracts and essential oils to be fed all year round to help maintain a healthy respiratory system especially for horses which are stabled or in hard work.

Nimble: contains selected supplements to maintain healthy joints.  To be fed all year round, or as part of a joint care regime.  Contains glucosamine, MSM, cod liver oil and vitamin C.

Garlic: contains additional garlic to help repel biting insects and support health and wellbeing.  Can be fed all year round, but especially in summer months for its fly repellent properties.


Supalyx Orignal Horse and Pony 12.5kg






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