Horslyx is a balancer supplied in lick form.  It is palatable and contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements required by the horse all in one tub.

Promotes a natural trickle feed programme, which allows the horse to self-regulate and consume as and when needed.

All low in starch.

Every Horslyx product contains a unique healthy hooves package which contains optimum levels of biotin, methionine and chelated zinc, meaning there is no need to further supplement hoof health.

Each balancer contains anti-oxidants for a healthy immune system and oil for a healthy skin and coat.

Provides a weather proof feeding strategy, ideal for inside and out.

The average recommended intake per horse per day is 250g.

Ideal for horses and ponies, both stabled and turned out in competition, leisure and at rest.

Perfect for older horses that may struggle to eat hard feed.


Available in 4 main varieties.

Original: lick designed to balance any nutritional deficiencies in forage and gazing.  When fed alongside good quality forage, this lick removes the need for buckets of hard feed.

Mint: Based on the qualities of the original lick, but with added mint to provide a flavour to encourage fussy eaters.

Garlic: Based on the qualities of the original lick, but with added garlic to deter biting insects in the summer months.  Also helps alleviate the irritation caused by sweet itch.  This is perfect for horses turned out in summer months who may not have access to a fly spray all day.

Respiratory: Based on the qualities of the original lick, but with added menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to support the airways and in turn help maintain immunity.

Horslyx Original






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