EN ISO 20345:2011



The Ferme parabolic safety dealer boot is the perfect product for trade professionals and working in agriculture.  

Weight: 710 gramms

Colour: Gaucho Brown

Upper: Breathable and water resistant gaucho pull on leather (1.8 - 2.0mm)

Lining: Abrasion resistant, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking textile.

Toe Cap: Fibreglass - resistant to 200J

Midsole: Stainless steel - min 1100 N.

Sole Unit: Injected 2PU Parabolic Sole.  Shock absorption, heat resistance to 120 degrees.

Footbed: Breathable and washable footbed.

Available in size 6-12


Parabolic Technology

The parabolic sole unit offers the wearer superior grip and comfort. A concave structure allows progressive bending of the sole unit for maximum grip. Parabolic sole units offer you comfort when walking. With every step, the recycled energy gives you a spring in your step and provides an anti-fatigue effect to your legs.



Bi-Densite technology has alternating polyurethanes of varying densities which provides maximum shock protection to your heal.


Ferme Parabolic Safety Dealer Boot