For horses that are sensitive to specific ingredients; Equine Sensitive is formulated to be free from ingredients that are commonly associated with feed intolerances in horses. Equine Sensitive is also suitable for horses in light to medium work that are prone to muscle problems.

Ideal for:

  • Horses with a barley intolerance as Equine Sensitive is barley free
  • Horses with a molasses intolerance as Equine Sensitive is molasses free
  • Horses intolerant to sugar due to no added sugar
  • Supplying a non-allergenic supply of energy due to the rice content
  • Horses needing a high oil, high fibre, low starch feed
  • Providing quality protein for skin and muscle support
  • For a low intake diet
  • Providing a balanced diet as packed full of over 25 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Dodson & Horrell Equine Sensitive 18kg

SKU: DH651





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