Cowslips are orthapedic shoes for the treatment of lameness in cattle. Fitted to the healthy claw they take the weight off the damaged claw to aleviate pain and accelerate healing. The shoes are made from durable PVC and are attached with specialised glue that mixes within the shoe. Their hoof like design increases the surface area for adhesion ensuring that the shoe stays in place for 4-6 weeks before self shedding. All packs contain shoes, adhesive poweder, liquid hardener and liquid spatula. Cowslips Plus and XL all have unique roll-over toe and tapered sole to assist with walking and balance. Cowslips Original are suitable for use on Guernsey, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds. Cowslips Plus are suitable for use on Friesians, Holsteins and beef breeds. Cowslips XL are suitable for use on large or abnormal claws. The Doc is suitable for use in larger breeds and bulls.

Cowslips Plus RH 10 Shoe Pack