Suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light work, horses and ponies requiring a low energy feed and good doers.


Quiet cubes are a premium horse and pony cube with mint added for palatability.

It is a low calorie feed balanced with all required vitamins and minerals.  

Quiet mix contains a prebiotic to aid in healthy digestion and linseed, a good source of Omega 3.



Oat Feed, Wheat Feed, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Grass Meal, Molasses, Linseed Expeller, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Di-calcium Phosphate, Mint, Yeast


Nutritional Information

Crude Protein 10%

Crude Ash 8.5%

Phosphorous 0.43%

Estimated Digestible Energy 9.5MJ/kg

Crude Oils and Fats 3%

Calcium 1.1%

Starch 27%

Crude Fibre 14.5%

Sodium 0.4%

Total Sugar 4%



Allen& Page Quiet Cubes

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